Direktorat Jendral Administrasi Hukum Umum has stated that the business entity named CV. FOUNDAE was officially recognized on May 10, 2021, with letter number AHU-0034484-AH.01.14 of 2021. Since its establishment in 2021, CV. FOUNDAE has been helping researchers make new discoveries, foster collaboration with colleagues, and gain important knowledge. In addition, CV. FOUNDAE supports governments and universities in evaluating and improving their research strategies. For more information, please visit this link.

About Us

We are Pioneers in Innovative Publications & EO

FOUNDAE has been committed to delivering unmatched quality, integrity, and service in the publication and event organization industry. We are a nexus of thought, where research meets a curious and knowledge-hungry audience.

Through our publications, we bring ideas to life, enriching our readers with in-depth research and sharp analysis. We disseminate cutting-edge research findings, aiding in the foundation of scientific development, and fostering constructive discussion within academic and industrial communities.

As event organizers, we connect bright minds from diverse academic disciplines and industry sectors, creating an environment that encourages collaboration, learning, and shared experiences. Each event we host is carefully designed to stimulate meaningful dialogue, broaden perspectives, and inspire innovation.

FOUNDAE is dedicated to pushing the boundaries of knowledge and creating spaces for crucial dialogue. We invite you to join us on this journey – as a reader, event participant, or collaborative partner – and contribute to writing the story of change and progress.

Elevating Knowledge, Inspiring Chance with Integrity

Our Services

What Service We Offer

we provide a wide range of innovative and high-quality professional services that can help you achieve your goals

Journal Publishing

Disseminate of peer-reviewed scholarly works to foster academic discourse and contribute to knowledge advancement


Facilitate knowledge sharing for professional dialogue, knowledge exchange, and networking

Software Developer

Unlock your business potential with our advanced software solutions, innovatively developed

Book Publishing

Foundae offers a wide range of innovative book publishing services in various formats: advanced open access (in semantically enhanced PDF), conventional printed books, and print-on-demand

Webinar & Workshop

We are committed to providing our participants with an interactive, relevant and motivating learning experience with a team of experts who are experienced in various fields

Training Program

We provide effective training program services for the development of quality human resources. Contact us to discuss your training needs and start a successful professional development journey